Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a small town, I'll see you around, I wish you'd move.

Small town california is a funny place.
Small desert town california is an even funnier place.
The end of summer is such a desperate time here. Everyone is totally drained and baked and so sick of the heat.... it shows in our faces and the way we interact with each other.

So, this summer I've had some brief interactions with friends who have been gone for a long time and come back to visit for weeks or weekends or whatever.
In high school we would've gathered in someones living room and watched tv and maybe prank called all the 1-800 numbers that appeared over the course of the evening.
Now, people come home..we'll discuss who's pregnant (my favorite topic, clearly.), who's not speaking, and how much we hate it here. Then, we drink. We drink heavily. We drink a lot.

Last night someone who I really have not spent any time with at all since I was probably 17 came into town and called me. We ended up going out with some friends and drinking. drinking heavily. drinking a lot.
The night turned into many things....A dude and his mom hit on my friend at the bar. A guy tried to convince me that Copa Cabana is a Frank Sinatra song, then told me "I can't sing! I'm gay!". I met a guy from Indiana who teaches art to little kids at a visual and preforming arts school on the now out of commission George Air Force Base (wtf. srsly.) I saw a bunch of crazies bump and grind in some living room with the fine hard core film, Cherry Hoes, playing in the back ground.
I witnessed a lesbian almost sexual encounter between two of my oldest friends... then one of those girls kissed the guy who was driving me, so I didn't get to go home forever because he was hoping for that kiss to turn into what was on the cusp of happening between the two ladies. Someone hit a tree....really hard.... then drove home, and then we had to push a car out of the soft dirt just to get out of a driveway.
Then I finally got home as the sun started to peek over the hills and burn every living thing in it's path. As I got out of my friends car we did the whole "hey we need to do this again" thing, and in my head I was like "we probably won't ever hang out again."
I went to sleep and woke up late in the afternoon, feeling kind of ashamed for things that i didn't even do... and I realized this is what high school was like for normal people.

and it reminded me. Its time to get the fuck out.