Friday, May 29, 2009

jaded in LA
Jade was in LA this week, so I took the evening off work and went and got her, and took her shopping and then we got coffee. It was like 2 hours but it was so good to see her. she looks so beautiful. I'm glad she has found a place where she finally feels like she should be with people she really feels like she should be with.
Since I was in LA I of course had to go see Tonay. Dan decided to crash our party. we got some sushi and Drake, the dog of my life, put hella boogers on me. It was good to see Dan. I got a taste of how things are going to be for us for a while, i think. I don't really care as long as drake's around.
I just finished painting something that I started working on a while ago, but tonight I really made it over and "made love to it" as my Art History teacher would say- I wish he was my everything teacher. I can't stop looking at it and feeling giddy.
But I can't post pictures of it because its a gift for someone. I don't think he's a reader... I don't think I have a reader. But I'd like to not display it. but it is awesome so you're all missing out.
Anyway. I haven't been sleeping at good hours and Im pretty jacked up.
My summer is coming quick and I have 60 dollars to get me through- its a start. but I need more supporters. My audienceless blog is not the place to be pandering for them I suppose.
Anyway. Im going to house sit for my mom at the end of June and Sam is coming to AV that week so we're pretty much gonna live together for a week it will be Camp Why Do We Come Back Here? and I can't wait.

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