Saturday, September 5, 2009

The truth is I haven't actually done homework in years.
And trying to start this habit is proving difficult. I have to do it though, because I'm getting hella old for community college. This girl in my printmaking class was talking about how she's been graduated from high school for sooo long, "I can't believe it's been 2 years!"
Jesus. I am destined to become that old lady with the rolly backpack. I think that is why I so resist speaking at all in class... I don't want to open my mouth and see one of those ladies pop out.


And again, I find myself at the beginning of the semester, feeling determined but tired. And of course, back to the school year bullshit of my relationship.... summer is so deceiving.
I've been trying to read all day and I'm still not done with my chapter. I've been contemplating why I am still allowing myself to be part of a relationship where my schedule is never taken into consideration, where "its probably not a good idea" to meet for coffee tonight. And MAYBE we'll see each other next week, even though thats something that we both know is essential to this working.
Man, i need friends.
a saint.

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