Wednesday, October 10, 2012

total drag.

I need to release this negativity before it kills me.
I hate that I am home waiting for a repair man who is never coming, when I could have gone and ran like 15 errands this afternoon.
I hate that it's never quiet here. Planes/honking/car alarms/stereos at ridiculous volumes/yelling/people coughing until they vomit phlegm.
I hate that I can't seem to get a grip on anything.
I hate that I am surrounded by idiots who continue to try to sway their facebook public with anti obama rhetoric even though they live in a god damn blue state- go make your vote count somewhere.
I hate that I know so many people who think that Mitt Romney is a good dude.
I hate that when my sister died all these crazy people came out of the woodwork pledging their undying friendship for my sister to be transferred to me and her son. I haven't heard shit from any of them. And I hate them for it.
I hate that my sister's boyfriend left the house he lived in with her with out saying anything to anyone and I will never be able to hold one of her things or wear one of her sweaters or anything, ever.
I hate that every day I walk around with all this trivial sadness and angst inside of me.
I hate that the good things people love about me are not the normal state of mind for me. I wish I was at my best always but I rarely ever am.
I hate my brain. I hate my body. I need a job, and I hate that.

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