Friday, August 22, 2008

three reasons: 1) June 2) July 3) August....

Everyone in my famly except for my brother and my cousin danny are teachers. I am the youngest of all the cousins, and the slowest at getting started on real life (I'm entitled to this.) All of my aunts and uncles and my cousins and everyone took up teaching at some point. I was always like fuuuuuuck that, I will not teach. I don't want to teach.
I am working now on applying to art school and getting started with all of that and I've been thinking what I would like to do, art therapy would be my ideal occupation, but I think I've decided Im going to teach art. yep. I am thinking of being a teacher.
I already kind of teach, I love the jr. highers and high schoolers I work with, I'm good with them, we have fun and Im an effective leader. It kind of makes sense.
It would be steady work, acceptable pay, open evenings and weekends, benefits, and summers off so I wouldn't have to give up being involved in camp.
Teaching is a sweet gig, and I love art and I love kids, so I wouldn't be one of those asshole teachers who's there just because it was the easiest path. Also, I could keep working on my own art, and my masters, and whatever else, while i'm teaching. That would be awesome.
I guess the main reason I don't want to do it is waking up hella early. I hate waking up.
Sam and I decided we'll teach at the same school and be bff teachers.
I guess I couldn't avoid it, it's the family curse.

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