Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'll continue to be my worst enemy

Last night I read on Yahoo that the editor of this magazine I had a subscription to, Relevant, was slotted to do the opening prayer at the DNC, and he dropped last minute. Relevant is a, basically, middle of the road christian publication for 20 somethings trying to figure shit out. Being middle of the road is pretty much being liberal for most christians, I appreciated most that this magazine had to say, but also was put off by anti-choice clothing companies having ad space in supposedly unbiased publication, and things like that.
So when I heard that this dude pulled, I was totally pissed, like furious. He didn't want to appear to be endorsing Obama. What the fuck, who cares? I guess he was worried he would lose those readers who remain firmly on the right side of the road.
I was so pissed, I went on this insane rant to Dan, and just couldn't handle it. I was reading through the article and then reacting to everything as I read it.
When I got to the end, it said, that the person who they got to replace him was Donald Miller.
At which point, my diatribe changed from a fuming one to a celebratory one.
Donald Miller is my favorite author. I adore him. he has written many books that have helped change me and make me who I am. I quoted him in my first post for this blog.
I guess my lesson is, always read an entire article before freaking out.
the end.

So, In honor of the final saturday of my summer, I slept till 2 like a gross slob and I am listening to Wasted & Ready by the beloved BK.
I will spend (whats left of) my day, cleaning my room, doing laundry, and cleaning my car.
I will greet this dreaded semester with a spirit of preparation and cooperation.
I will utilize my time and I will stay in my classes... if I do not, I will certainly never achieve my goals.
peace out summa, you were aight.

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