Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm not in this movie, I'm not in this song.

I am now officially a single person.
An "unattached" person.
We tried this before. but now its for real. its really happened... unattached? I've never felt more attached.
I don't really know how people go through this over and over in their lives.
Yesterday I was coping. today I can't get out of bed.
Someone suggested to me I make a yahoo personals ad just so I can meet people... I was thinking what I would even put on something like that???
"I enjoy working with teens and taking pictures with my boyfriend!" ....delete delete delete delete....
"I'm not very organized, I hate schedules, and I love sleeping in!"
... only he could possibly love that.
And now he's going.

No matter how far away you see this coming from, it doesn't get easy.
Blogging about this is probably stupid... there is zero need to document the most basic human experience... loss.
But man. I am sad.
I miss him, I don't know how i am not going to miss him.

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