Sunday, February 28, 2010

life is exploding.

Doors are flinging themselves open.
I am so excited to walk through them.
In August I will be leaving to start my life in Wisconsin as I finish up my phase as an eternal undergrad student. I am so looking forward to this adventure. I will be living in Superior Wi, one of the coldest places in the US... a far cry from the desert cocoon I grew up in and adore.
But before I go, I am going to have the opportunity to live and work as a program director all summer at a camp in Blue Diamond Nv.
knot game
In the midst of that, I will be coming back to dean Riverside District Senior High Camp with one of my favorite people ever, Kevin Bannister. Being able to dean a camp has been a goal of mine for a long long time and I am so excited to get to serve in this way. Senior High camp was my haven as a teenager and my favorite place since then. This is going to be so incredible I can't wait to see it all happen!

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