Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Songs for Superior friends.

this has been a wild year. I moved across the country, hated life, loved life, hated it again, and now I'm moving back to California and I am so excited for what lies ahead and completely heart broken to be leaving behind the remarkable, wonderful, loving, creative, hilarious, people I have totally fallen in love with here.

My Sup friends, I have been editing a meaningful and loving blog entry just for you in my head for a week, but nothing I could write here could do justice as an expression of what I am really feeling about you all (grateful, sad, hopeful, lucky, inspired).

I have however, created you a mix, a musical collage if you will... and you can download it here!


So make room on your ipods, all of these songs were picked especially for you, (not all of them are family friendly, you've been warned) But they are all jams!

You have all changed my life and I love you so very much, I hope you appreciate this token.

Wi Point

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