Saturday, October 29, 2011


I could absolutely not be happier to be existing in Los Angeles right now. Things are so insanely busy, but so insanely great.

Deep appreciation will always abide in me for Wisconsin, and I made friends there who will never stop being completely precious to me. Leaving behind my homegirl Lacie is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I was however, embraced upon my return by so many wonderful wonderful friends! I have also established some amazing relationships with my class mates and it's not even november yet. I LOVE school for the first time in my life. My instructors are awesome and my classes are tough. But it's good. If I had known a few years ago what I'd be doing at this school my path might have been different, but I know I'm where i need to be, right now.

A dear friend, who has known me for a long time, noted a change in me. It's weird to hear that. I have been meditating on that, and I realize that I spent that time in the arctic north incubating, gestating, and I've been preparing for crazy transformations, and they have been subtle, but important. I am at the verge of everything right now and I love it.

Wisconsin shaped me, loneliness shaped me, Oaxaca awakened me, driving home prepped me, camp rejuvenated me, school is reteaching me, my friends love me, my room mate abides by me, and everything else is happening and I want to have it, see it, taste it, experience it.

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